lateral veins 16-18 per side
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  名称状态:被SP2000收录,状态为:Elaeocarpus rugosus为接受名中文名:毛果杜英形态描述:4. Elaeocarpus rugosus Roxburgh, Fl. Ind., ed. 1832. 2 596. 1832. 毛果杜英 mao guo du ying Trees to 30 m tall, to 2 m d.b.h. Bark gray; branchlets robust, 6-12 mm in diam., rust-brown puberulent, with conspicuous leaf and infructescence scars. Leaves fascicled or clustered at twig apices; petiole 1-2.6 cm, rust-colored puberulent at first, glabrescent, swollen at base; leaf blade obovate-lanceolate, obovate, or obovate-elliptic, (14-)18-30(-45) × 6-11(-16) cm, leathery or thinly so, abaxially very sparsely pilose on midvein, adaxially puberulent on midvein only, lateral veins 16-18 per side, prominently raised abaxially, prominent adaxially, veinlets prominently raised abaxially, conspicuous adaxially, base cuneate, margin sparsely shallowly crenate, apex shortly acute, rounded, or emarginate. Racemes in axils of fallen and current leaves, dense, 4-12 cm, 8-10-flowered; peduncles rust-colored tomentose. Pedicel 0.9-1.8 cm, rust-colored tomentose. Flowers large; buds 1-1.4 cm. Sepals 5 or 6, 1.2-1.5 cm, abaxially pubescent, adaxially glabrous. Petals 5 or 6, 1.3-1.5 cm × ca. 8 mm, laciniate; lobes 15-20, abaxially densely rust-colored tomentose, adaxially tomentose, margin ciliate. Stamens 45-51; filaments 2-2.5 mm; anthers 3.5-4 mm, with awn 4-4.5 mm. Disk 5-lobed, pubescent. Ovary tomentose, 2-loculed; ovules numerous in each locule; style slightly longer than stamens, pubescent in lower part. Drupe ellipsoid, ca. 3.5 × 2-2.5 cm, tomentose; endocarp conspicuously verrucate, 1-loculed. Seed 1. Fl. Mar, fr. May-Aug.Evergreen forests in val

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